Harmful Side Effect of Radiation To Us

Radiation Hazards

Radiation side effects are frequently the consequence of what we call radiation treatment or primarily radiotherapy. It is the utilization of ionizing radiation to treat the tumor or control the spread of malignancy cells. Consolidated with surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or hormone treatment, radiotherapy turns out to be more proficient. Somehow, most regular malignancy sorts can be treated with radiation.

The therapy works by damaging the cancerous cells’ DNA or Deoxyribonucleic Acid caused by the photon. Due to cell mechanism of repairing damaged DNA with a single-strand, then double-stranded breaks are being undertaken to cause the death of cells. This technique, long time since has been proven.

The treatment or therapy is painless and some results to minimal or no radiation side effects. However, this refers to low doses only. Inducing high doses may produce side effects depending on the patient’s response. While some are predictable and others are expected adverse effects, these are always limited to the patient’s body area which is undergoing the treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction

You Get The Point.

Infertility is another one. Remember that the ovaries and testicles are parts of the reproductive system that is very sensitive to radiation.

Let us take prostate cancer for instance. New technologies emerge, and this means that it can be dealt with more effectively and efficiently than in the previous times. More men are developing the illness and are experiencing the problems. However, with the treatment comes to some unwanted effects and it can be daunting to patients who has to undergo the therapy because it brings more problems than expected.

Impotence is one of the most frustrating effects. The sexual drive might still be there but there will be difficulty in the erection, or the person might not be able to maintain it. Incontinence is another embarrassing ill effect. The extent of damage could vary on the incontinence problems.

Radiation side effects should always be given proper consideration, and immediate action before any undertaking is done. It is because we can never bring back all the loss once the therapy has started to damage areas of the body as well as its functions and performance.