How to Choose X-Ray Machine for a Dental Clinic

tooth xray

Among the different kinds of equipment’s that are used in a dental office, they can be divided into three broad categories. The basic cleaning and sanitization tools are the first category of dentist tools which one will find in all dental practices. The second category relates to diagnostic tools. Gone are the days when hand held and rudimentary examinations were done by the mouth or teeth setting. Nowadays, LED lights and diagnostic devices like handheld x-ray machines are available for these procedures, to make them accurate and more comprehensive. The third category of dentist tools required is that which are required for treatment. These vary as per the kind of treatment that is being done, basic, cosmetic or when it involves bone or prosthetics related procedures. If you’re looking for high quality dental services that is guaranteed safe, check out Dental 266 if you’re living on the Sydney, Australia area. You’ll thank me later.

Let’s get it started, shall we?

Use of diagnostic devices.

The importance of the diagnostic tools like x-rays is apparent for any dental practice. In order to ensure that the problem is diagnosed accurately and a comprehensive view of the entire teeth, gum and jaw setting is found, the x-ray machines come of use. The mouth of a patient is difficult to examine but for that reason, many hands held x-ray machines are available. Not only are the fixed ones used in dental clinics, but also the hand held, cordless and the intraoral x-ray equipment. The advanced features of these sophisticated devices make them useful dentist tools.

Different kinds of X-ray machines.

tooth XrayThere are different kinds of x-ray machines and technology that is in vogue for dental practices these days. One will find the standard machines which produce the results on plates which are viewed on an illuminated surface. Again, modern machines like the Panoramic X-ray Machine are designed to offer digital radiography features as well. These machines come with special sensors and pads which help to transmit the x-ray information to a software on a computer. As a result, the machine links up with the software in order to display the results on the computer directly. The advantages of the technology are many. Doctors can directly check the results on the computer as well as compare the views of a recent scan with an earlier scan to compare teeth settings or progress of a problem or treatment. Again, there are different kinds of portable x-ray devices. You will find hand held machines as well as cordless ones. These are small machines which are battery operated and are best to carry around. For larger and more powerful units, there are machines that are portable, but require a power connection as well as a stand to operate.


Features to look for.

The modern machines like the Panoramic X-ray Machine will offer several new features. For instance, these machines come with a digital display which allows the exposure time to be set. The hand operation switch allows control of the exposure of the damaging x-rays. There are microprocessor controllers which help to control the exposure timings to precise levels. There are other safety measures that are inbuilt in these machines to ensure that accidents do not occur.