radioactive elements

The property of intrinsic luminosity is characteristic of radon in all states of aggregation and is one of the evidence of the changes in energy that accompany its decay. The intensity of phosphorescence is greatest in a solid – perhaps because of the smaller volume occupied – but both the gas and the liquid flow are strong. The color of light emitted by a solid varies from steel-blue at the melting point to orange-red at lower temperatures. Heat is also released during the disintegration of the emanation.

Continuous energy emission also manifests itself in the slow decomposition of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrochloric acid and water exposed to radon. It was also pointed out that when solutions of compounds of elements of the carbon group (silicon, titanium, zirconium, thorium, and lead) are exposed to the action of radon, carbon dioxide is always formed. This indicates the possibility that the molecules of these elements can degrade with the formation of carbon, the lowest member of the series. Radon induces the oxidation of wet mercury and turns the ordinary white violet glass.

At one time it was assumed that the replacement of copper by lithium and water with neon was observed, but the reliability of these observations is seriously questioned.

Within one or two days after its release, radon undergoes a slow compression to about half its original volume; later it slowly expands approximately 3 to 3.5 times compared to the original volume. This change corresponds to a change in the spectrum, and radon completely disappears in 3-4 days and gives way to helium.


Radon Is The Heaviest of All The Noble Gases. Most Deadly Too.

The reason for the reduction is unclear, but it was observed in every sample that has been prepared so far, and possibly because of impurities. The slow expansion, which occurs later, can be satisfactorily explained on the assumption that the α particles emitted during the radioactive change of radon have such a high rate that they are forced into the walls of the vessel contained therein slowly. It was found that if the radon is enclosed in a glass tube whose walls have a thickness less than the range of its a-particles in the glass, the accumulation of helium can be observed in outer space. This confirms the previous explanation of the slow increase in volume and once again convincingly proves the identity of the helium atom with the α particle. The half-life of radon is 3.75 days.

Here it can be mentioned that the evolution of helium from radium was first proved by Ramsay and Soddy and confirmed by Himstedt and Mayer: the first assertion that radioactive elements are elements that undergo decomposition was first made by Jeffrey Martin. Assuming that the five alpha particles are displaced during the complete decay of one atom of radium, the volume of helium produced per day from 1 gram of radium should be 0.439 cubic meters. Mm. At N.T.P: the experimental determination of the sum were given by numbers that are in good agreement with this result. Since then, its production has been observed in many other radioactive changes.

tooth xray

Among the different kinds of equipment’s that are used in a dental office, they can be divided into three broad categories. The basic cleaning and sanitization tools are the first category of dentist tools which one will find in all dental practices. The second category relates to diagnostic tools. Gone are the days when hand held and rudimentary examinations were done by the mouth or teeth setting. Nowadays, LED lights and diagnostic devices like handheld x-ray machines are available for these procedures, to make them accurate and more comprehensive. The third category of dentist tools required is that which are required for treatment. These vary as per the kind of treatment that is being done, basic, cosmetic or when it involves bone or prosthetics related procedures. If you’re looking for high quality dental services that is guaranteed safe, check out Dental 266 if you’re living on the Sydney, Australia area. You’ll thank me later.

Let’s get it started, shall we?

Use of diagnostic devices.

The importance of the diagnostic tools like x-rays is apparent for any dental practice. In order to ensure that the problem is diagnosed accurately and a comprehensive view of the entire teeth, gum and jaw setting is found, the x-ray machines come of use. The mouth of a patient is difficult to examine but for that reason, many hands held x-ray machines are available. Not only are the fixed ones used in dental clinics, but also the hand held, cordless and the intraoral x-ray equipment. The advanced features of these sophisticated devices make them useful dentist tools.

Different kinds of X-ray machines.

tooth XrayThere are different kinds of x-ray machines and technology that is in vogue for dental practices these days. One will find the standard machines which produce the results on plates which are viewed on an illuminated surface. Again, modern machines like the Panoramic X-ray Machine are designed to offer digital radiography features as well. These machines come with special sensors and pads which help to transmit the x-ray information to a software on a computer. As a result, the machine links up with the software in order to display the results on the computer directly. The advantages of the technology are many. Doctors can directly check the results on the computer as well as compare the views of a recent scan with an earlier scan to compare teeth settings or progress of a problem or treatment. Again, there are different kinds of portable x-ray devices. You will find hand held machines as well as cordless ones. These are small machines which are battery operated and are best to carry around. For larger and more powerful units, there are machines that are portable, but require a power connection as well as a stand to operate.


Features to look for.

The modern machines like the Panoramic X-ray Machine will offer several new features. For instance, these machines come with a digital display which allows the exposure time to be set. The hand operation switch allows control of the exposure of the damaging x-rays. There are microprocessor controllers which help to control the exposure timings to precise levels. There are other safety measures that are inbuilt in these machines to ensure that accidents do not occur.



We are warned to be aware of radiation – but precisely what constitutes dangerous radiation?

Apparently, Alpha radiation is unlikely to reach the living cells inside the body so it’s not considered as dangerous as Beta and gamma radiation, which can penetrate the skin and cause damage to cells. But if the radioactive source is inside the body then it works the other way round – alpha is worse and beta isn’t. However no–one is planning on swallowing or coming into contact with radioactive material voluntarily.


Sorry Bud, You Can’t Have Too Much Of This.

We know about the microwave, cell phone and nuclear radiation – all examples of radiation but there are also the daily things we haven’t really considered – like the ultraviolet light from the sun which in excess can damage our skins and cause skin cancer. Or the ultraviolet light from a black light – excessive exposure has been reported to lead to sterility in men.

Higher electromagnetic frequencies can damage DNA according to the National Cancer institute fact sheet ( These would include X-rays – hence the precautions when you visit the dentist or hospital. When DNA is damaged the cell can turn cancerous. Despite popular fears electric power lines and appliances, radio waves and microwaves have not been proven conclusively to damage the DNA of cells directly.

How does the electromagnetic radiation from your cell phone affect you?

We’ve been taught that we shouldn’t sleep with cell phones next to us or have them in our pockets for long periods of time but the actual studies have not shown consistent results and the researchers are careful to say that further investigation is needed. The radio-frequency energy from cell phones was shown in one study to have an effect on glucose metabolism in the brain and in another study it did not have an effect – so the jury is still out on whether cell phones cause cancer.

However, when it comes to health less is always better – so try to keep your exposure to radiation of all types at minimal levels. Limit yourself to only the really necessary appliances and try to escape into nature and leave the iPod, cell phone tablet and laptop behind. You’ll feel better for not being permanently connected – radiation or not.

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Radiation is normally utilized as a part of the field of medicinal services, as it helps both patients and in addition specialists in a few ways. Its general need and squeezing courses of events additionally imply that it is regularly a standout amongst the most mishandled practices in the field, with many moving toward radiation security and radiation shielding in a wrong or inadequate way. The risks postured by radiation got a great deal of consideration when the New York Times distributed various uncover on radiation overexposure and treatment mishaps. This made the FDA and OSHA investigate the issue.

The Issue of Radiation Safety


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One of the fundamental brought on of overexposure to radiation is that a great many people who work with radiation security and radiation shielding in human services just get simple preparing. While interventional radiologists are completely prepared to utilize radiation securely, vascular specialists and interventional cardiologists get essential preparing and they might be ignorant of the best hazard diminishment and wellbeing systems. To aggravate matters, while radiologists have radiologic technologists as key colleagues, specialists and interventional cardiologists for the most part have medical attendants for organization.

Another issue is that people frequently utilize a great deal more radiation than required. Dissimilar to Japan or the EU, the United States puts an extraordinary measure of weight on top notch pictures and this implies more radiation.

Radiation definition in Healthcare

Radiation assurance is the duty of the radiation wellbeing officer and technologists who work in the radiation security office in many healing facilities. The wellbeing officer monitors the presentation confronted by medicinal services laborers and each one of those presented to radiation must experience introduction appraisal on a month to month premise. The state plays out an assessment here and there a year too. Another preventive measure is that the Joint Commission requires all healing facilities to have composed systems to help people understand the safety measures to use before radiation presentation and take in more about how to utilize radiation shielding materials and radiation assurance instruments when managing perilous materials, for example, x-beam hardware and apparatuses that discharge radiation.

Getting Complacent

All said and done, it’s very simple and typical for laborers to get careless about radiation security demanding the squeezing and upsetting nature of their employments. Healing centers regularly get extremely occupied and periodically clinicians neglect to wear the identification.

Enhancing Radiation Safety Standards

Radiation Suit

Fortunately for those included, it is anything but difficult to make enhancements in radiation security. The most essential, and presumably the initial step to radiation insurance, is to make the individuals who work with radiation experience a fundamental radiation assurance course. It is additionally fundamental to guarantee that technologists and medical attendants are urged to talk up and present their worries. Appropriate correspondence frequently tackles most issues before they wind up plainly genuine. Lessening the measure of radiation dosage additionally works ponders as it advantages patients and in addition specialists who get presented to the radiation diffuse.

Radiation shielding is another essential strategy for ensuring against radiation. Radiation shielding materials incorporate individual shields, for example, lead glasses and overskirts, gear mounted shields, for example, defensive curtains and compositional shielding.

At the point when treated with the regard it merits, radiation can be an enormously capable and valuable instrument for humanity. In any case, keeping a mind introduction and ensuring that radiation security practices are taken after is basic for the advancement of everybody.

Radiation Hazards

Radiation side effects are frequently the consequence of what we call radiation treatment or primarily radiotherapy. It is the utilization of ionizing radiation to treat the tumor or control the spread of malignancy cells. Consolidated with surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or hormone treatment, radiotherapy turns out to be more proficient. Somehow, most regular malignancy sorts can be treated with radiation.

The therapy works by damaging the cancerous cells’ DNA or Deoxyribonucleic Acid caused by the photon. Due to cell mechanism of repairing damaged DNA with a single-strand, then double-stranded breaks are being undertaken to cause the death of cells. This technique, long time since has been proven.

The treatment or therapy is painless and some results to minimal or no radiation side effects. However, this refers to low doses only. Inducing high doses may produce side effects depending on the patient’s response. While some are predictable and others are expected adverse effects, these are always limited to the patient’s body area which is undergoing the treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction

You Get The Point.

Infertility is another one. Remember that the ovaries and testicles are parts of the reproductive system that is very sensitive to radiation.

Let us take prostate cancer for instance. New technologies emerge, and this means that it can be dealt with more effectively and efficiently than in the previous times. More men are developing the illness and are experiencing the problems. However, with the treatment comes to some unwanted effects and it can be daunting to patients who has to undergo the therapy because it brings more problems than expected.

Impotence is one of the most frustrating effects. The sexual drive might still be there but there will be difficulty in the erection, or the person might not be able to maintain it. Incontinence is another embarrassing ill effect. The extent of damage could vary on the incontinence problems.

Radiation side effects should always be given proper consideration, and immediate action before any undertaking is done. It is because we can never bring back all the loss once the therapy has started to damage areas of the body as well as its functions and performance.